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Catholic Conferences

Due to the heavy commitment of Mark's writing and recording apostolate, he is taking fairly limited bookings at this time. Nonetheless, all invitations are prayerfully considered and responded to.




Faithful to the teachings & Magisterium of the Catholic Church, Mark's passion for the Faith and the Sacraments--particularly the Eucharist--and a deep love for Our Lady is contagious as he shares both practical spiritual principles as well as insights from his own journey (CLICK HERE to listen to Mark's "Banquet of Mercy" message, given while on tour).

The nature and content of the spoken message is most appropriate for ages 13 & up, depending on level of maturity. He also has a powerful message to youth ages 13-17 if there is a separate program specifically for them at some point during the Conference.


Talk 1:"A World in Crisis: Hour of Mercy"
Often referring to this as the "Cold Shower Talk", Mark gets right to the heart of the matter with addressing the signs of the times. Referring to Scripture, the Holy Fathers, Saints, and the Catholic Catechism, this talk is a confirmation for what many faithful have already been sensing in their own hearts... for others, it is a serious wake-up call... which ultimately leads to our entire dependance on Christ's limitless Mercy.

Talk 2: "Watch!"
Solid, practical, and orthodox... a powerful talk centered on the call to personal repentance--to "watch" the state of our souls, trusting in the Mercy of God, and renewing a commitment to the Sacrament of Penance.

Talk 3: "Pray!"
Come away inspired and equipped to deepen your faith and enrich your prayer life--a vital foundation of the Christian journey. Mark explains the central role of prayer for the Christian, and more importantly, inspires a thirst for union with God and the Eucharist--whether one is 8, or 88 years old.

Note: If you only have time to give Mark two speaking spots, Talks 2 & 3 would be combined to be titled"Watch & Pray!"

OTHER TALK THEMES THAT MARK HAS COVERED (much of the content crossing over into the above 3 talks)...

"Breaking the Chains"
Overcoming our weaknesses through the way of the Saints, interspersed with Mark's personal testimony.

"The Two Pillars of John Paul II"
Mark looks at the two concurrent years proclaimed by Pope John Paul II: The Year of the Eucharist and the Year of the Rosary, and why they are prophetic words for our times. Is the salvation of North America--if not the world--now hinged on our response to these? How do we continue to live out these two years?

"Remain in Me: How to Remain in Jesus"
Putting knowledge into action; how to stay on the vine. This talk is particularly powerful when it ends with an hour of Adoration with music led by Mark (see "Worship sessions" below).


"The Apple is Always Rotten on the Inside"
Straight talk for teens that addresses the fruit of dabbling in sin, the difference between venial and mortal sin... and what makes BOTH poison for the soul.

"Does God exist?"
Eucharistic miracles... the Incorruptibles... An eye-opener to the existence of the Living God active in our midst!

"The Extreme Adventure"
Need your prayer life to do a 360? Feel a restlessness in your heart for something deeper? Mark's session will kick start you into The Extreme Adventure of prayer--a powerful process of healing, transformation and leanring to know the Living God.

Note: All of these themes can be combined into one talk if Mark is given an hour and a half session. If he has access to a professional P.A. system, he also weaves music throughout to change things up and energize the youth.

Mark's rich and soul-soothing music powerfully draws hearts into God's presence bringing much healing and renewal. The various ways that you can incorporate his music ministry into your Conference are:

a) Prior to featured talks
With the sole purpose of preparing the "soil" for the spoken word to take deep root in hearts, this applies to either his own scheduled talks or for other guest speakers.

b) Worship sessions
Particularly powerful in the setting of Adoration and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Interspersed with times of silence and Scripture, Mark's deeply moving music sets a tone of deep reverence and intimacy.

c) An evening or afternoon concert
A delightful hour that the whole family can enjoy and participate in. This is a light-hearted time where Mark engages the crowd with good clean humor, faith-inspiring insights, and a refreshing mixture of upbeat and ballad-type songs. Particularly effective in Conferences where the attendees may need a "re-charge" throughout a heavy itinerary of talks.

d) A Song at Communion
Conferences typically have a music ministry lined up to handle masses, but Mark would be happy to offer a Communion or Meditational song.


Mark is currently accepting limited bookings for 2013 and 2014. His bookings should be confirmed at least 2 months in advance if at all possible, to allow him time to plan around his schedule and book flights if necessary.


Mark relies primarily on God's Providence to support his full-time ministry and family through donations and stipends.

Canadian bookings: We ask that Mark's travel expenses be covered, and if the conference hosts are able to give an additional stipend, it would be gratefully received. We would also appreciate a complimentary table in the vendor's area to make Mark's merchandise available.

U.S. bookings: Please connect with us to discuss the details of what is required from you to ensure Mark's smooth passage across the border.


Please email Lea, Mark's wife and manager via the contact form below, or call 1-306-755-2030 to discuss possible dates & booking specifics.

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