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Catholic School Performances

Due to the heavy commitment of Mark's writing and recording apostolate, he is taking fairly limited bookings at this time. Nonetheless, all invitations are prayerfully considered and responded to.



A not insignificant part of Mark's ministry has been within Catholic schools over the last 13 years. He's spoken to over 35,000 youth (both grade school & high school), and the experience is consistently powerful. His presentation includes a few songs he has written that speak to and involve the students, along with a challenging and thought-provoking spiritual message geared for the age group he is speaking to. He addresses issues such as peer pressure, courage, purity and modesty, our need for Jesus, the Sacraments, prayer, & staying rooted in God.

Mark recognizes the extreme need for today's youth to hear the Truth spoken in a language they can relate to while staying true to the teachings of the Church. He keeps the kids on their toes with his keen musical ability, sharp wit, audience participation, and dynamic delivery. Above all, Mark's challenging, shoot-from-the-hip message reaches deep into their hearts and minds in a profound way, leaving them with much to contemplate long after the performance is over.

We have found in the past that not only are the students ministered to and challenged in their faith, but also the parents (yes, invite them!) and teachers as well, who are consistently very enthusiastic and supportive. Mark's school performances are quite different in content from his parish concerts, so if there is an evening concert scheduled that night in the same vicinity, it is not a hindrance to attendance. As a matter of fact, students often go home and encourage their parents to go that night after seeing Mark in the afternoon.

As far as technical details go, Mark comes fully equipped with all his own high end sound equipment that takes about an hour to set up prior to the performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Mark and Lea no longer travel as a family in a tour bus. If a ground tour is planned, it would be limited to Western Canada and there would need to be enough bookings to merit the costs of the trip. Unfortunately due to the nature of the necessity of having his professional sound equipment with him in the school setting, Mark is not able to do school performances when he arrives by air.

If your school is a K-9 or K-12 school, it is highly recommended that you separate the students into two separate concerts so the elementary students get a message targeted for their age level, and the junior/senior high get the message age-appropriate for them.

If the school can offer Mark a $500 stipend, that would be greatly appreciated. If you are booking two concerts back to back, a $750 stipend would be acceptable.


Please email Lea, Mark's wife and manager via the contact form below, or call 1-306-755-2030 to discuss possible dates & booking specifics.

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