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With increasing online viewership, media coverage, and extensive touring of Canadian singer/songwriter & author Mark Mallett, we have been fielding requests from all over North America to carry his merchandise. The time is ripe for Mark's music and books to be on on your shelves--don't wait for customers to come in requesting his products, be ready for them! His company, Nail It Records, is very pleased to be able to offer you his full product line & more.

Mark's blog entitled "Spiritual Food for Thought" and webcast entitled "Embracing Hope.tv" has amassed thousands of subscribers, and he has travelled extensively throughout North America sharing his music and speaking in churches, schools, conferences and retreats full-time for the last 15 years. His rich, soul-soothing music has a broad appeal to all ages & musical tastes, and his passion for the faith is contagious as he shares both his journey and practical spiritual principles with thought-provoking insights and refreshing humor.


NEWEST RELEASES: "Here You Are" & "Vulnerable"

Official release in the end of May 2013, these two incredible albums are a must-have for your store shelves. "Here You Are" is a rich collection of the rarely heard songs by Mark from his Rosary and Chaplet CD's, plus two beautiful original new tunes. "Vulnerable" is a powerhouse of 13 gorgeous original new songs; luscious and evocative from start to finish.

Mark's first book: "The Final Confrontation"
Michael D. O'Brien (Fr. Elijah) calls it "A gift of grace to the Church".

These are not normal times. Ask any of your customers if they think "something strange" is going on in the world, and the answer will almost always be "yes". But what?

There will be a thousand answers; many of them conflicting, several speculating, often adding more confusion to the growing fear and despair beginning to grip a planet reeling from economic collapse, terrorism, and the upheaval in nature. Could there be a clear answer?

Mark Mallett unfolds a stunning picture of our times built not upon flimsy arguments, questionable prophecies or rogue theology--but the solid words of the Church Fathers, modern Popes, and approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The end result is unequivocal: we are facing The Final Confrontation.

This timely and poignant book is a must-have for your shelves.


Divine Mercy Chaplet like no other!

Released in 2007 on Divine Mercy Sunday, Mark is pleased to offer his Divine Mercy Chaplet CD prayed to the Stations of the Cross as set forth by John Paul II. Featuring the voice of Father Don Calloway leading the decades, with dynamic music scores beneath 15 decades of the Chaplet, it is a tremendously powerful tool of devotion to deeply contemplate Christ's Passion & glorious Resurrection. You may have other Chaplet CD's on your shelf, but NONE LIKE THIS, we guarantee it (view the promotional video HERE).


A powerful new way to contemplate Christ's life...

At Easter 2004, in response to Pope John Paul II's call to the faithful to rediscover the Rosary, Mark released his third album: a double Rosary CD entitled Through Her Eyes, A Journey to Jesus. Two years in the making, this contemporary, dynamic, and totally unique album has a high appeal to all ages, especially families and youth. Much to our delight, many of our customers purchase it IN THE MULTIPLES after hearing it for the first time! Also, we are finding that it is a best-seller by sheer virtue of simply being a contemporary Rosary CD with the Luminous Mysteries included--in both Catholic and inter-denominational stores alike!!!***

Available to you as well is Mark's popular worship album, Let the Lord Know (2005). Featuring 16 ORIGINAL SONGS which can be sung at Mass, worship services, Adoration, or private devotion, it is a powerhouse of incredible music from front to back. The accompanying songbook for Let the Lord Know is also available.

Also available is Song for Karol, a powerful, moving tribute to JPII that Mark had the privilege to sing at the Vatican in 2007. Mark's ever-popular début album Deliver Me From Me, his Covenant award-winning sophomore album Love Holds Onare still the favorites of many. You can also listen to clips from the albums and read more aboutMark's ministry.


Good profit margin and FREE stuff!

Nail It Records offers all of Mark's music to you exclusively at 40% wholesale (all fully returnable if your situation requires it). With your initial order, we provide a complimentary custom-printed, attractive and compact 2-tier countertop CD display unit with two accompanying full color posters and shelf talkers. These promotional tools all help generate high volume sales of Mark's music, especially the companion Chaplet and Rosary CD's. The 2-tiered display unit fits 14-15 CD's comfortably and has been having great success selling the Rosary CD alone with our retailers who are already onboard. With the Chaplet CD and with the tremendous success of the Rosary CD, it is highly recommended that you FILL your display unit!

PLEASE NOTE: As an extra incentive to our retailers, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75.

Please call or fill out the contact form below with your inquiry or order and we will get you set up right away. Also, we are now able to set up all our retailers with a wholesale account in our store, so you can order directly online at any time at the 40% discount on select items to make your ordering process as easy as possible. Just let us know if this is something you'd like to be set up to do.

Welcome aboard!

Pax Christi,


Sales Manager
TOLL FREE: 1-877-655-6245

***If you're a multi-faith store and a portion of your customer base is Catholic (especially if you are the only Christian bookstore in town), the Divine Chaplet and Rosary CD's are guaranteed to move well for you!

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