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  1. Here You Are

    Posted by Lucy on 29th Jan 2014

    Lovely CD. The music is absolutely inspirational for me.....brings me to tears!

  2. Beautiful !

    Posted by Mary Therese Egizio on 24th Sep 2013

    Not much to say besides Superb! Given as gifts and appreciated beyond anything I have ever given before. Fallen away Catholics are falling back.. slowly but they will get here. Opens ones heart to receive God's Love & Mercy. Doesn't get much better.

  3. Return to ME

    Posted by Rick on 24th Aug 2013

    Awesome. Having listened and prayed with both of your rosary & chaplet cd's, I was very pleased that you bundled these rich arrangements into this musical offering. The first time I played this cd, the title track spoke volumes to me. Many thanks for your Yes!

  4. Here You Are and Vulnerable: Thank-you, Mark, for these spiritual treasures of the soul!

    Posted by Sue on 23rd Aug 2013

    Mark's new CDs, "Here You Are" and "Vulnerable" are both excellent! Mark has a gift for praising God in all situations and bringing God's message of love and hope into our everyday situations of life.

    Also, Mark gives our Blessed Mother great honor and tribute in his endearing songs to her. The Fourth Commandment is "Honor Thy Father and Mother." Well done, Mark! Our Heavenly Father would be very proud of you!

  5. Spiritually uplifting

    Posted by Steve on 15th Jul 2013

    Beautifully interwoven voices with instrumentals...unusually mellow. Thanks Mark for moving me in my love of my Catholic identity, especially in this age of noise. Come back to Jesus through Mary in this beautiful album filled with the best of Catholic Christian music.

  6. Blessed, graced, and inspired!

    Posted by Janet Klasson on 12th Jul 2013

    What a blessing to listen to such inspired lyrics so artistically arranged. The words raise up the listener to the contemplation of higher things; the music fills the soul. Beautiful!

  7. Absolutely Great CD

    Posted by Katy T on 10th Jul 2013

    Mark's music really touches my soul

  8. Here You Are

    Posted by Jean Pergande on 10th Jul 2013

    Mark does a great job.

  9. Absolutely beautiful

    Posted by Susan on 9th Jul 2013

    I was completely moved by your two new CD's. Your beautiful hymn to Mary, and the family beads are my favorites. Well, all of them are just treasures. I loved them both so much that when my sister came to visit for a family reunion last week, I gave them to her. She is a lapsed Catholic, and I humbly asked her if she would listen to your CD with me. She smiled and said, 'of course.' Within minutes she had tears running down her cheeks. I knew to give them to her. It was a gift from God. I will order a new set for myself. God bless you in your ministry and gift of music and faith. Thank you!

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